Greek Crisis

During 2012 the Greek crisis deepend. Austerity measures followed Austerity measures to the anger of the Greek people. Salaries were cut to levels impossible to live on and extremist parties like neonazi Golden Dawn gained sympathizers. Mass protests often ended in violent riots.

Athens burning

Athens suffered violent riots in february when parliament was voting to implement the EU austerity measures. Teargas covered the Syntagma Square and 45 buildings was torched, more than ten was completely destroyed.

Libyan refugee crisis

During the early days of the revolution in Libya, fighting forced labour migrants to flee en masse over the border to Tunisia. A refugee camp was spreading out in the desert 5 kilometers from the border.

Tahrir Square - Arab Uprising

After more than two weeks of protests and fighting around the Tahrir Square in central Cairo, egyptian president and dictator Hosni Mubarak was forced from power. Protests and clashes have continued throughout the year.

Truck Painters in Karachi

In a backyard close to the docks in Karachi, truck painters work hard in the burning sun. Trucks are brought used from Singapore but the trailers are built from the ground. It takes them 4 days to paint an entire trailer.

Greece fires

The day before the Greek elections in June 2012 big fires broke out an hour from Athens. Many of the locals had to abandon their homes close to the beach fleeing the fire.

Pakistan Flooding

In the end of the summer 2011 Pakistan was hit by the worst floodings in modern times. From the mountain areas close to the border with Afghanistan to areas close to Karachi in the south hundreds of thousands of people were diplaced.

Afghan National Police

Afghan National Police recruits training close to Mazar-e-Sharif.

The Russian House - Heroin in Kabul

In the bombed out old Russian Culture House, the heroin addicts of Kabul have found their haven. Night after night they return to the ruins of the once impressive building, to sleep a few hours and inject or smoke their heroin.

Young Bull Fighters

Antonio and Javier are practicing for the bullfight of the weekend, in Barajas, Madrid. They take turns acting as the bull. Two days later the bull is real and the smallest mistake can cause serious consequences.

The Hill

Swedish ISAF soldiers patrolling the pashtun village Alizayi and its suroundings west of Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan.

Cattle Farming

Per Mårtensson is a cattle farmer in southern Sweden, having raised Charolais cows for the last 24 years with his wife Kerstin. Per and Kerstin do everything around the farm, from delivering the calves to transporting the cows to their summer fields.

Swedish Wrestling

Wrestling at the Tango Palace in Malmö, Sweden.

Voudou in Benin

Benin is the home of Voudou or Voodoo. A majority of the population combine the ancient practices with catholisism or Islam. During this specific ceremony ancestors are called home to give advice to the people.

Guest House Kabul

Early in the morning october 28,four or five taleban disguised as Afghan police entered the Bekhtar Guest House in Kabul. Afghan Police and security forces arrived at least 12 people were killed of which five were UN-staff.

Kite Flying in Kabul

After the midday prayer on fridays in Kabul, thousands of young boys and men take to the hills of the city to fly kites.

Red Cross Clinic in Kabul

Four million Afghans hav been injured by landmines during decades of war. At the Red Cross Orthopedic Center in Kabul they get new legs and hope of a better life.

Swedish Elite Gymnastics

The Gymnastics Club Motus Alto in Malmö, Sweden is trying to reach the international elite.

Christians in Pakistan

In central Islamabad, Pakistan, squeezed in between embassies and big villas, a couple of thousand christians live without electricity and water in a slum called The French Colony. The christians make out around 3 percent of the population.

Danish Gang War

Mustafa Shakir Hsownay became an innocent victim of the gang wars in Copenhagen, Denmark, when he was shot to death in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. A few days later 3000 people took part in a procession down Nørrebrogade protesting against the violence.

Oyster Culture

Oyster Culture in Bassin d´Arcachon on the French Atlantic coast.

Afghan refugees in Paris

Jardin de Villemin in Paris, close to Gare de l´Est, has for several years been a point of transit for Afghan refugees on their way to Britain or Scandinavia. Hundreds of Afghans sleep outside every night in Paris.

Coq fight in Kabul

Coq fighting is one of Afghanistans national sports. It attracts mainly men and has become a symbol for the new Afghanistan. Since the fall of the Taliban regime thousands of people meet in the parks of Kabul to watch the bloody fights.

Gangs of Providence

AIDS in Malawi

Femicides in Juarez

Agent Orange / Vietnam

Waiting for deportation

Waiting for deportation at the Detention Center in Åstorp, southern Sweden.